Learn. Evolve. Heal.

Astrological sessions for individuals who want to guide their body, mind, and spirit through life’s seasons.

Life has moments of light and darkness. Brilliant new beginnings like the birth of a child, an exciting job opportunity, or a period of stunning creativity. Painful experiences like the death of a loved one, mental health issues, and hitting big obstacles.


Astrology does not cause these highs and lows but holds up a mirror so we can see what’s unfolding with more clarity, open our perspectives, and feel supported by something greater than ourselves.


If you are seeking a deeper understanding of yourself, your family, your relationships, or curious if heavenly timing is on your side, astrology will help you find meaning in cosmic patterns.


My astrology sessions are conversational and start with the bigger picture.

Rather than predicting future events, the planets and cosmic forces will reveal a variety of possibilities in which you can co-create certain outcomes.

My sessions will create alignment with the universe to bring you the clarity and awareness to live your life intentionally.

Session Themes

Birth: for deeper understanding, self-awareness, and self-acceptance

Death: for help understanding your loss and managing your grief

Forecasting: for aligning with life’s cycles

Relationships: for learning interpersonal dynamics

Mentoring: to become a better consulting astrologer

About Moonrabbit

Searching for answers after the too early loss of my mother, I met a college friend who studied astrology. During my chart reading she mentioned seeing a dark cloud over my family during the time my mother died. That moment changed my life, as I knew I had to study astrology.

As I studied, I often felt like I was remembering something I already knew, and my consciousness opened. From that point forward astrology has helped me heal myself and countless other people, as it offers each of us a path to becoming our best selves and understanding our place in the universe.  

It has given me insight and guidance throughout my life, as I’ve become a parent to biological and adopted children, a business owner, and a published author (please check out my book here).

We are here on this planet to learn, grow and contribute. Astrology is a trusted source of wisdom that provides answers and direction about ourselves, our relationships, and our choices.

I have used Moon’s services for over two decades. Her helpful blend of knowledge, skills, and intuition combined with decades of experience allows us to have real conversations about what’s happening, my possible outcomes, and areas for growth. By comparison, other professionals I’ve visited in this field seemed to offer a one-way, formulaic and simplistic presentation of predictions.

I’ve found Moon to be a skilled listener with an appreciation of all life stories. I know that whatever I say will stay private since over the years I’ve seen her commitment to confidentiality, professional ethics, and healthy boundaries. Beyond all else, Moon is practical, leaving me illuminated and giving me tools for change. I’m a long-time admirer.

– SS