Astrology clarifies our place in the universe; it reminds and reconnects us with an order which is greater than our own personal understanding.

A true horoscope entails over 4,000 pieces of information. Needless to say, my sessions go much deeper than your astrological sign.

Astrology is most helpful when done over the course of several sessions, particularly if you desire to deeply explore who you are, in order to live an aligned, fulfilling, and satisfying life.

I recommend starting with a Natal Chart for your first astrological reading then exploring more of my options from there.  All sessions are done virtually and recorded.  Each person will need to provide me with their date, place and accurate birth time, in advance of our session

Natal Charts

These sessions are for curious, aspiring individuals and will reveal your work journey, life purpose, emotional issues, and inherited trauma from family of origin, patterns in love and work relationships, and your soul’s journey.

Intro – One-hour session. $225

Awareness – Three one-hour sessions focused on deepening your understanding of your birth chart, each booked 2 weeks apart. $525

Insight – Five one-hour sessions, each booked two weeks apart, offering you a “deep dive” into your birth chart. $775

Natal Chart for Children: One-hour session to discuss your child’s potentials, talents, struggles and parenting counsel. $225

Chart Comparison

These sessions offer insight into romance, friendship, work, or any confusing relationship.

Compatibility Charts: These one-hour compatibility charts will help you navigate your interpersonal dynamics for greater awareness and improved communication.

2 Partners: $250


These sessions help you understand each member of your family and your interconnections. 

Natal Charts for Couples and Family Compatibility: These one-hour compatibility charts will help you navigate family dynamics for greater understanding, awareness, and compassion in your household.

2 Partners: $250
Each Child: $225

Forecasting Sessions

These sessions work with the planetary cycles to help you understand your life more deeply and use timing for the best outcomes over a period of time. 

Mid Year – Half-hour session focusing on the here and now. $125

One Year Forecast – One Year covered in one hour. $225

Five Year ForecastOne hour session with an emphasis on the big picture. $225

Comprehensive Yearly Forecast – Four one-hour forecast sessions done over the course of a year. $625

Death Chart

These one-hour sessions will help you see a cosmic picture of the loss and understand your path forward. To learn more, head to my blog.

IntroOne-hour session that will help you understand the planetary influences at your loved one’s moment of death and how they reveal a path forward for you.  $225

Grief- Three one-hour sessions that include your own natal chart, the deceased’s natal chart, and a Death chart.  $525

Astrological Mentoring 

Mentoring sessions for astrologers.

½ hour session to help you prepare a specific chart. $80       

1-hour sessions for chart preparation/business advice. $150 

Package: Five one-hour sessions to improve chart understanding and consulting skills. $500

Sliding Scale

As an astrologer who welcomes all and believes in equity, please contact me by email to discuss sliding scale options.


Buy any two sessions for yourself or one other person get 50% off the third session. 


To book your session, request a gift certificate, or ask a question about my readings, head to my contact/booking page.

I’ve had readings done by Moonrabbit for over 10 years now. 110% spot on! I love the fact that she records them too because it’s so helpful when you want to go back and review. All the information you hear at once can be a lot to process and this is where the recording comes in handy. My husband wasn’t a believer in astrology and didn’t believe this is legit. However, when I mentioned questions of him in my readings and they ended up coming true, he turned into a believer. In fact, my husband got his first reading done a year ago now. I recommend her services if you’re looking for guidance and help in the right direction in life. It’s sooo worth it. Thank you so much Moonrabbit!

– MAlesha I.