My astrology sessions help people change their perspective in order to create new and enriching awareness in their lives.

Throughout my 45 years as an astrologer, I’ve seen astrology become a source of illumination and healing for all types of individuals.

Whether you are searching for answers, want to know more about your family, how to handle loss, or are facing a crossroads, astrology gives you a new perspective so you can grow, heal, and become the best version of yourself.

About Moonrabbit

I’m an artist, lesbian feminist, a wife and mother of two children, a brewer of Kombucha, a lover of travel, spirituality, and a practicing Jew.  I started my full time astrology in 1977 and consider myself a master astrologer.  

My experience with grief as a motherless daughter and Twinless twin called me to write a book, Star Sisters.  I plan to not only write another book but share my wisdom at speaking events, especially on the subject of how we can utilize astrology to heal the losses of loved ones.  

I bring an empathetic, practical, and perceptive ability to each astrology session, and accept all clients regardless of race, color, religion, citizenship status, gender identity and expression, age, national origin, dis/ability, marital status, or sexual orientation.