On Thursday, June 6th you may experience your mind humming with ideas, feel a need to share those ideas, and possibly experience a desire to be extra social. This New Moon is in Gemini, with Venus in close range to the luminaries, and Mercury and Jupiter conjunct, also in Gemini. This means that over half of the planets will be in mentally active, curious, and dualistic Gemini, and suggests alighthearted, positive feeling around these next few days. The astrological symbol for Gemini, the Twins, will be often represented by one twin smiling while the other frowns, one twin in light, with the other in shadow, or other representations of duality. Gemini, along with Libra and Pisces, are all dual signs, and have the unique quality of perceiving, or feeling things from many different perspectives, making them adaptable, expansive, and sometimes indecisive.

With Venus, the love, friendship, beauty, and pleasure planet conjoining both the Sun and Moon, you can expect to feel drawn to media, ideas, art and music, and people you enjoy. Venus, a relationship planet, brings a quality of harmony and co-operation along with a desire for peace and balance into all our relationships. The Sun, Moon, and Venus are in a square to Saturn, which can bring some possible internal conflicts about those relationships, along with some much-needed grounding and realism.

Because Mercury rules Gemini, and is conjunct Jupiter, the planet of education, travel, philosophy and the higher mind, you might find some of your thoughts and conversations taking you in creative and expansive directions. Jupiter tends towards optimism and confidence, and tends to see the positive potentials, so the next two weeks are a good time to brainstorm any areas of your life where you may have felt stuck or limited to find new solutions.

Many of you have been asking me about my prediction for the Presidential election, and until recently I’ve been uncertain. But on May 31, with Trump being found guilty of 34 felony counts, I decided to take another look. On that day I found the south Node of the Moon, past karma, transiting his natal Chiron, a symbol of deep wounds. This suggests that some portion of his karma, and consequences are finally being externally realized. Transiting Saturn, another symbol for justice and legal consequences, was applying to a square with his Sun and Moon, symbolizing both his public and private self. Fast forward to election day and his progressed Midheaven, or point of career is conjunct his natal Pluto, the underworld, and progressed Mars, anger and frustration, is on Chiron, the deep wound from the guilty verdict. On Inauguration Day, January 20, 2025, transiting Saturn will have finished its retrograde period and return to the degree of Pisces to square his Sun and Moon from the day of his guilty verdict. This leads me to conclude that he will not win the election.

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