The full moon of 1/31/2018 is getting a lot of attention because the of the “Supermoon” effect.  That happens when the moon’s orbit around the Earth brings it closer to us than usual. The moon’s closest approach is called the “perigee,” and when that coincides with a full moon it appears larger and brighter than average in the winter sky.

This is the second full moon in January, making it a “blue moon” and because the moon will be visible passing in and out of the earth’s shadow which will tint it red, it’s also called a “blood moon”.

What does this mean, you might wonder.  In terms of astrology the power of a full moon is to bring things to fruition, and amplify emotions, but the experience for each individual is unique depending on where it falls in your chart and how it interacts with the planets there. This full moon is happening in the 11 degree of Leo and will have the greatest impact on people with planets near that degree in Leo, and the other fixed signs of Scorpio, Aquarius and Taurus.

An image of the full moonLook back over the last two weeks to the New Moon and think about what you’ve been setting in motion, whether in thought or in action. Each new moon is like planting a seed that sprouts and begins to grow at the full moon. Use this energy consciously to manifest what you want. Take some time to visualize or imagine the best possible outcomes and results of your efforts, then bless it and send it into the universe.  Over the last two weeks I have been actively engaged in working with the Rachel Greenhouse Agency to build a new website for my “Death Chart” readings and soon to be published memoir.

Please take a moment of time to email me an endorsement (include your name or initials) with your permission to publish it on the new website. Be as specific as you can in explaining how getting readings has improved your life, helped you understand yourself and other people, or made your life better in any way. I send you my heartfelt thanks!!!