father time

The year was 1969 and a college student I knew was studying astrology. We met for a practice session. Some of the things she told seemed very general, but she had deep insight into my early family life and the death of my mother. Almost immediately after that encounter I knew I would study astrology.  A fiery passion was lit, and I’ve nurtured it ever since.

I’ve found a new passion as I approach my seventh decade of life. For the last 1 ½ years I’ve been reading charts cast for the moment of death for my clients. Death Charts.  Every single reading teaches me about the power of the symbols present at the moment of death; these symbols give language to each individual persons passing, opening a window into what they experienced, and teach the living how to understand and move forward embracing the grief and loss.  Continuing this work connects me to my soul’s purpose. Along with a deep sense of personal gratification, I feel the presence of my dear twin more than ever.

Let me give you an example:

I’m always delighted when twins come to see me for readings, so I paid special attention to the lovely pair of identical sisters sitting across from me when Doris brought her sister Diane in for a Yearly Forecast.  The three of us had a grand time discussing their coming year. During the Yearly Forecast I learned of their older sister Connie’s illness and a year later Doris came in for a Death Chart reading for Connie.

I’d never met Connie, but I knew from my own family that siblings who live with identical twins often feel left out.  Identical twins in particular often have a primary bond that helps them understand and support each other, but leaves other family members, even parents, feeling excluded. This was true in the Anderson family, and Connie was the oldest of the three.  So I wasn’t surprised by the first thing Doris said. “My relationship with my sister was a difficult one.” But I wasn’t prepared for what she said next. “Connie drank too much,” she dabbed at her eyes with a tissue. “She used alcohol to numb her feelings and it made it her a difficult person.  She never took responsibility for herself or anything in her life so it was hard for me to be close to her.”

“It’s harder to find peace when we have unresolved issues with the person who died,” I said, “but there’s something in the chart that I think will help. The Death Chart has the planet Saturn rising in Sagittarius at the moment of death.” I said. “This means dying was one of her greatest lessons; she’d lost faith, and had reached the end.”

Doris nodded. “She told me the day before she died that she wanted out, that she was done.” She paused.

“That same Saturn was opposite the Sun, the planet of her life force.  It’s a perfect symbol of someone’s time coming to an end.”

“I spent a lot of my life being mad at her, and I was depressed before the funeral.  Then something changed.  When we buried her I started sobbing and I felt my heart open.  I realized I always loved her.” I sat quietly as Doris composed herself.

“There’s a karmic pattern that started at your sister’s death that will change how you think about everything. And I mean everything.  You will become a brighter version of yourself.” I said. “That’s because Chiron, the wounded healer archetype and Saturn the Karmic teacher are powerfully placed in your chart during the time of her passing.”

Doris and I exchanged more information big hugs, and then she left.  Two years later she sent me this note:

“I took those words with me when I went on a five week retreat in March and referred to them when I began to realize that something fundamental was shifting in my being.  Gone were the anxiety and self-judgment that I usually feel while on long retreats and in their stead was a sense of confidence and possibility. I don’t know if there is a relationship between my sister’s passing and my healing, but your words helped me to trust my experience.   You didn’t actually describe what this “brighter version of myself” would look like, but you pointed to  the possibility of it’s happening so that I could more readily recognize it when it manifested.

That’s the miraculous thing about what you do (and I use the word miraculous intentionally).  You have never given me the details of how something will happen, but you have opened up the possibility that healing and growth will result if I keep my heart and mind open to it.   You have pointed to the path and invited me to start the journey.”

Information is powerful! I invite you to share my journey. If you are interested in looking more deeply into a loss in your life, or you know someone who is, please contact me here: https://astrologybymoonrabbit.com/discover-death-charts/