If you were born under the signs of Leo, Aquarius, Taurus and Scorpio, or have planets in middle or late degrees of these signs, the next two eclipses will bring change of some kind into your life. Eclipses are opportunities to bring “hidden things to light” and will often, over a period of time, energize and activate new beginnings. Eclipses are best understood by looking at what happens. A fully illuminated heavenly body is cast into shadow. The shadow is then illuminated. This is why events and emotions experienced during eclipses can often take us by surprise.

The first eclipse is a Lunar Eclipse at 15 degrees of Aquarius on August 7th. Lunar Eclipses act much like a full Moon, but more intense. Typically these eclipses play out in our inner and personal lives; only occasionally are they associated with external events. What ever unresolved feelings have been lurking below the surface in your friendships, affiliations, social justice work or other areas of life connected to Aquarius, expect them to bubble to the surface. By the middle of the month most of the emotional intensity will be over, and some people even report feeling confused about the degree of their discomfort and confusion.

The Total Solar Eclipse is a completely different experience! Right now there is much being written about the Eclipse of August 21 since it is the first total solar eclipse whose shadow will cross the continental US since July 1963. Solar eclipses are associated with critical events for individuals particularly those living in the countries where they occur. That means us. Solar eclipses also bring major events, for example in 1963 there was the growing opposition to the war in Vietnam, the civil rights movement entered a new phase with the March on Washington, and President Kennedy was assassinated. Currently there is increasing polarization in our country and great instability in our leadership. This eclipse occurs at 28 degrees of Leo, the sign of leadership and I fully expect to see more chaos emerge in the current administration. Solar Eclipses can have long lasting effects and this August promises to bring more secrets into the open whose unraveling could take two years or more.

Because Leo has to do with love, creativity and children, you can expect some chaos as well as new developments in those areas. Look to the house in your chart where 28 degrees of Leo falls to better understand the upcoming developments in your life.