On March 10th, 2024, we will experience a new moon in Pisces. This is a highly unusual new moon because all ten of the planets are traveling in a small section of the heavens, within four zodiac signs, from Pluto in early Aquarius to Uranus in Taurus, signifying a highly concentrated focus of energy. The planets fall into what is called a “bundle” formation, lending a great deal of focus and concentration to all your pursuits, but due to the highly focused nature of the heavens, it may be hard to keep a broad perspective.

Every year, as we approach the Spring Equinox, the planets shift from the transpersonal, collective, other-worldly energy of Pisces into the highly personal, self-focused energy of Aries. This new moon begins a month-long period where both elements are in high focus. On March 10th, Mercury enters Aries, while Saturn and Neptune are widely conjunct with the Sun and Moon, all four planets in Pisces. Saturn is widely conjunct the Sun and Moon bringing a complex and layered potential to this new moon. Saturn is pragmatic, grounded, and realistic, while Neptune is dreamy, intuitive, and creative. You may find yourself capable of bringing your dreams into reality, or at least getting a start in that direction, or simply drifting and dreaming while the voice of your inner critic is making judgments (the shadow sides of Neptune and Saturn).

Mercury in Aries is mentally quick, a bit impatient, and ready for action. April 1st begins its retrograde period (until April 24) just in time to complicate travel to see the Solar Eclipse on April 8th. This eclipse is special because it will be visible to millions of people in North America, including 31 million people in the US who live in the path of totality. If you are traveling to see this eclipse, take extra time to arrive and depart since the likelihood of traffic delays and miscommunication is very high. Mercury in Aries is not known for patience.

A couple of thoughts about the Solar Eclipse on April 8th. Solar eclipses are often associated with major events, new beginnings, and crises, both on a personal level and in the collective. This particular eclipse cycle happened previously in 2005 and 1986. If you remember major life changes during those years, you may experience something similar again. This eclipse is different than the ones in the past because the Sun and Moon conjunct Chiron, the wounded healer, suggesting an illumination of problems for them to be addressed and potentially healed.
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