I launched Star Sisters  in the middle of June under a wonderful Jupiter aspect and to a heartwarming audience of about 70 people on a sunny Saturday night. Family, clients, students, friends, people who loved my twin, and a few strangers showed up to listen to me read for about an hour. The experience moved me deeply; so many lovers of astrology, twin lovers, and book lovers coming together to engage with me and pay tribute to Lou Ann.  For most of the launch I felt her standing next to me, cheering me on.  Book sales were great, and new 5 star reviews on Amazon and Goodreads showed up steadily. I felt affirmed again and again that my story of recovery from loss was potent enough to help others.

Fast forward to the end of September. I’ve been following the path of many new indie authors, speaking on podcasts and web-based radio shows, arranging readings at local independent book stores, and finding articles on the web on how to promote my book. It’s rather overwhelming, costly, and a bit mystifying.  It seems only a couple people show up for readings at bookstores now unless your a well-known author. We are so bombarded by media and things to do, it takes much more than an email or post to draw an audience. While writing the book I learned that it took a great deal of disciplined effort, and at some point I befriended discipline, an old foe of mine.  Now I’m applying some of that same energy to book promotion but book reviews have dwindled along with sales.

This is where you come in.  I’m writing to ask for ideas and help.  Might you host a “book party” at your home?  Invite 8-10 friends to listen to readings and possibly buy books?  Do you belong to a book group that is interested in personal transformation and astrology? Do you know someone who hosts a “death cafe”?  I would love to read and speak to any of these groups, and some I haven’t even thought of.  I’m available evenings and weekends. Please send an email.

With Gratitude,