This Friday, February 9, the Sun and Moon will meet up at 20 degrees of Aquarius and make a square to Uranus in Taurus, which rules Aquarius. This is a triple dose of Aquarius/Uranian energy! These energies correspond to moments of brilliant mental and technological breakthroughs, to periods of creativity and innovation, as well as times of sudden upsets, chaos, and disruptions to our everyday life. It’s possible with Uranus in Taurus we will see more disruptions related to financial issues and natural phenomena, two different aspects of Taurus.

The disruptive energy of Aquarius/Uranus often brings lessons in letting go of our old, habituated behaviors and ways of thinking so we can try something new.

With Aquarius rising in my chart I experienced both the educational and the difficult side of this Uranian energy. On Wednesday January 24, I slipped on the ice outside the backdoor of our home, fell, and broke my left kneecap. A painful injury to say the least. I had surgery the following day and came home from the hospital on January 30th. I’m in full leg immobilizer and will be for probably 6-8 weeks. Additionally, for you astrologers, I was under a square transit from Uranus to my Moon (body) and in opposition to Chiron (illness/wellness). In a single moment everything I had planned was disrupted. Fortunately, only my leg was injured, and I’m all set up at home to continue to work with you on Zoom. (I ask for your patience since I don’t have all my records here, so I may email you about birth information or other requests.) This disruption has forced me to rethink some of my priorities and forced me to live more in the present moment. Not a bad thing at all!

During the two weeks following the New Moon, all these creative and disruptive potentials will be extremely strong both individually and collectively. If you were born with planets around 20 degrees of Aquarius, Taurus, Leo, or Scorpio, you are most likely to be feeling the effects. This is the first new moon since Pluto moved into Aquarius on January 21, 2024, and it opens a doorway to a much larger collective shift taking place over the next 20 years. Collectively Aquarius is associated with revolution, with periods of rapid changes both socially and technologically, and with groundbreaking innovations. Because the nature of Pluto is to bring change, I imagine by the end of February we all will be challenged in some way to break out of our stuck patterns and embrace something new.


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