It’s almost here! The New Moon Solar Eclipse at 19 degrees Aries! On April 8th, around 2:00pm, Central time, the eclipse will reach its maximum, about 75% here in the Twin Cities. This is a particularly exciting eclipse because 32 million people live directly under the path of the eclipse, and in some parts of the country the moon will block the Sun for a total of 4 minutes and 26 seconds. My family and I are driving to Illinois to experience 21/2 minutes of totality and hoping for clear skies.

Solar eclipses astrologically are associated with crises, new beginnings, and shedding light on what’s been lurking in the shadows. During this Solar Eclipse the Sun, Moon, Chiron, and Mercury are all conjunct just eight days after Mercury turned retrograde on April 1st. All Solar Eclipses happen during a new moon, when the Sun and Moon are conjunct, but this one is more powerful because two other planets are involved. Because Mercury rules communication and transportation, and Chiron is associated with wounds, I believe the cargo ship Dali that crashed into Baltimore’s Key bridge was related to this eclipse. On March 26th around 1:30 am the transiting Moon made an opposition to the eclipse point and set things in motion. There will be ongoing issues because the Bentley port of Baltimore will be closed for the foreseeable future. This crash shed light on problem of container vessels which have become too large for their ports. Often events that begin around an eclipse can take six to twelve months to resolve.

People with planets within four degrees of 19 degrees cardinal, along with those born January 6-15, April 5-14, July 8-17, and October 8-17 will be impacted by this eclipse. Those born during the dates mentioned will experience the eclipse making an aspect to their Sun, the planet of vitality, identity, and purpose. Some people might have health issues, some communication problems, while others may experience a period of deep self-examinations. Eclipses will often bring long-standing issues to the surface for them to be addressed, and in this case healed, as Chiron can work as a healer.

On April 25th, Mercury turns direct and by mid-May it moves into Taurus, leaving the conjunction with Chiron behind, and hopefully the communication and transportations problems as well.                                   *******************

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