This New Moon in the late degrees of Gemini happens late Saturday night, 6/17/2023 setting the stage for the next two weeks. If you are a late Gemini, early Cancer, or have planets there, this impacts you more intensely.  Both luminaries conjunct Juno, while creating a T-square with Neptune and Ceres. The nature of Gemini is curious, changeable, and prone to distraction. New Moons create opportunities for us to begin again, to focus inward and collect our thoughts and intentions. This New Moon makes that a bit difficult. Gemini is not indecisive like Libra which weighs and balances everything trying to be fair, but prefers keeping many options open.

The conjunction with Juno brings this energy into our close relationships and can easily create situations where we’re so busy and distracted that we neglect the very people we love. Adding the square to Neptune, which is boundaryless, uplifting and sometimes a bit foggy or dreamy suggests the potential for a great deal of closeness with those you love, making too many sacrifices in relationships, or just floating along in a world of your own. The asteroid Ceres corresponds to families and the principle of nurturing, repeating the theme of struggling to find connection and closeness in our intimate circles.

Because the Sun and Moon are the focal planets in this T-square, it brings the opportunity to bring the light of consciousness (Sun) and the depth of feelings (Moon) to this weekend. Pay attention to your communication. Are you expressing yourself clearly?  Are you really listening? Take time to think about the primary people in your life and let them know their importance to you. Yesterday I did a comparison chart for two Geminis and was very moved when one of them said “I will always support you by being an active listener”.

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