Hello all,

Just a quick personal note to let you know I’m not retired. I love my work, continue to feel passionate about it, and so appreciate all of you! Thank you for allowing me to participate in your lives by sharing my accumulated wisdom, understanding of cycles, and love for this magical, spiritual practice we call astrology.

I am working on a second book for astrologers on how to use “death charts” as a tool for healing. In case you don’t know, since 2015 I’ve been working with clients by casting a chart for the date, place, and time of death for a lost loved one and talking with them about their soul growth and recovery based on that chart. If you have lost someone important in your life and want to understand more about that, please set up a death chart session. Or if you feel like you’ve found a path to recovery through loss, I’d be very interested in talking with you. Send me an email here.

Also, and equally exciting, I’ve begun to share some Zoom astrology sessions (Natal, Death, Compatibility, and One Year Forecasts) with my talented and insightful kid Della. It’s wonderful to have their input and point of view in these sessions, so if you’re wanting to take part in this, (at no extra fee) make a note in the sign-up form that you want to include Della and I’ll do the rest.

On 8/16 there is new moon in Leo coming right after a conjunction with Venus and making a square to Uranus. As you know, new moons are exciting new beginnings, times for setting intentions, for figuratively planting seeds. Leo is associated with the Sun, the light of our solar system, a source of life and illumination. Every Leo new moon supports expressing creativity, our desires to connect with those we love, and urges us to enjoy life. This specific new moon comes on the heels of a conjunction with Venus, another heart-felt energy of emotional intimacy. All together this is a huge support for you to enjoy and love your life!

To throw a wrench into the mix, the new moon makes a square to Uranus, a highly unpredictable planet that is known for surprises. If you were born between the 10th-18th of May, August, November or February this next week can bring breakthroughs or breakdowns depending on where it falls in your chart. Sometimes being open to the unexpected can lead to wonderful new beginnings. Uranus always favors change.

Venus entered its retrograde phase on July 24th in the sign of Leo and will turn direct on September 4th. When the planet of relationships travels over a part of the zodiac where’s it already been, it’s not uncommon for people from the past to show up in our present. This has certainly been true for me. Over half of my clients that last week of July hadn’t seen me in a long time. The day after the retrograde I did a session for someone whose aunt bought her a reading when she was 15. She’d just turned 40. The client after her had been away for 15 years. We had some friends over for dinner who were in town visiting their daughter. I knew them in the 80’s.  Has this been happening for you?

Mercury will turn retrograde in Virgo on August 24th and direct on September 15th. As always stay aware that retrograde Mercury periods can impact communication, technology, and transportation. Because Virgo is mutable, or flexible, you may find yourself making accommodations to the changes that come with this period.