On October 14 we will encounter a new moon Solar Eclipse at 21 degrees of Libra. Solar Eclipses occur on new moons approximately every six months and are associated with events that illuminate the shadow. Whatever problem has been brewing behind the scenes, or has been hidden from view, from events in your personal life, to national and international problems will tend to erupt. Solar Eclipses tend to change the status quo by revealing issues and problems that have been previously buried but are now exposed. Although the eclipse happens on a specific date, the six weeks leading up to, and the six months following that date are often associated with major headlines in the news. Since the beginning of October, we have seen a major earthquake in Morocco on October 3rd killing at least 3 thousand people and impacting another 6 million. On that same day Speaker Kevin McCarthy was voted out of the House for the first time in history, creating more governmental chaos in the US. And on October 7th Palestinian militant groups began a surprise attack on Israel. This particular eclipse is aligned with the South Node of the Moon, a point in the heavens associated with unfinished business from the past.

Preceding a Solar Eclipse, the degree of the zodiac that will be eclipsed, in this case 21 Libra, becomes supercharged, acting like a trigger point when planets cross that point in the heavens. During the last couple of days in September, and for this first week of October the planet Mars, associated with conflict and war has been transiting the eclipse point. On October 14 both the Sun and Moon will be conjunct followed by Mercury on October 17th and finally Venus on November 28th. This suggests that more events will surface around those periods of time.

On a personal note, this eclipse brings Libra issues to the forefront. If you have any planets within 16-26 degrees of a Cardinal sign, Aries, Cancer, Libra, or Capricorn this eclipse isurging you to change. Look at the house where 21 degrees Libra falls and that signifies the area of life, and look to the planet that is being eclipsed, and that is the energy that is currently activated. Libra is concerned with justice, fairness, balance, and harmony, but will often struggle with people pleasing, making sacrifices in relationships, and avoiding conflict to keep the peace.This eclipse will let you know if areas within your most important relationships need balance and repair by bringing issues to the surface. This New Moon is opposite Chiron, the wounded healer, which amplifies the concept that these current crises contain the potential for healing over time.

This Solar Eclipse is followed by a Lunar Eclipse on October 28th at 5 degrees of Scorpio. Lunar eclipses tend to be more personal in nature, associated more with eruption of emotions and potential release from old habit patterns. The two weeks between eclipses can be full of disruptions and the unexpected, particularly if you have planets between 0-10 degrees of Scorpio, Aquarius, Taurus, or Leo. It’s been my observation that during both Solar and Lunar eclipses not only do folks experience more upsets, but that our coping skills seem to be less effective.Give yourself all the time you need to understand what is happening before making any major decisions.

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