This New Moon which falls on the evening of September 14, also begins the Jewish New Year of 5784. Starting before sunset with a holiday meal that traditionally includes apples and honey, or honey cake, to usher in a sweet year, Jews all over the world begin a ten-day period of prayer and repentance. This is one of my favorite times of the year in the Hebrew calendar, a time to turn inward and take stock, always with an eye on forgiveness and repair. There are many rituals I love about this season, but I want to share a favorite that ushers in this sacred period. Sometime during the day of the New Moon, I find a body of water, and empty my pockets, ceremonially casting away “that which we no longer want to carry forward”.  Frequently my pockets only have bits and pieces of tissue and lint, representing the small details of life. This makes me think the zodiac sign Virgo, which represents the capacity for discrimination.

Virgo, August 22- September 21, is associated with meaningful work, a desire to be of service, as well as the longing for perfection. Virgo is a mutable earth sign, meaning they’re adaptable yet grounded. Symbolized by the Corn Goddess, Virgo corresponds to the time of harvest, which involves long hours and extremely hard work, and prepares us for what comes next. Virgo season comes at a time when children start back to school, settling into routines, doing the work of learning, and leaving the freedom of summer behind. In the body Virgo rules the lower digestive track where nutrients are absorbed, and waste is expelled.

People born under this sign have great powers of discernment, discrimination, and analysis often leading them to struggle with perfectionism. Feeling inadequate as life falls short of their dreams, is common. Virgos will work slowly over time to improve whatever they are doing, including themselves, often exceling in their chosen field without ever achieving perfection. A life lesson for Virgo is learning to make peace with their humanity and flaws.

This New Moon in Virgo, both the Sun and Moon are part of a kite pattern, a highly creative energy, making a grand trine with Uranus in Taurus and Pluto in Capricorn, while opposing Neptune in Pisces. The grand trine in earth signs symbolizes a supportive flow of energy on the material level, an invitation to get things done, while the opposition including the Sun and Moon with Neptune suggest a heightened awareness of our dreams and intuition. The days before and after the New Moon bring the potential for great creativity, imagination, and devotion, coupled with a practical and grounded realism. Symbolically these next two weeks are a time to ask yourself what is bearing fruit in your life, what you want to harvest, and what you want to eliminate. Schedule a One Year Forecast for a cosmic perspective on how to work with these energies.