If you’re anything like me you’ve been following the different presidential polls, reading about election disputes, realizing the complexity of counting the vote this year and wondering what will be happening. Mercury, the planet that rules all forms of communication is completing it’s retrograde period by standing still or being stationery until 12:50 p.m. Eastern time on November 4, 2020.  A planet making a station is just like an airplane sitting on the tarmac; no matter how many passengers are seated nothing happens until it’s cleared for takeoff. As much as we want a definitive election return it won’t be decided. At the same time Mercury is making a square to Saturn, the planet of delays. This becomes exact, or perfects, at 1:50 p.m. Eastern time on November 6th and indicates the end of the standstill. I think the election will be decided around that time on November 6th.

On November 6th the transiting Sun is conjunct Mars, the planet of leadership in Biden’s chart and the Moon is on his Jupiter, the planet of opportunities, expansion and victory. The Sun, Moon and Neptune all make a Grand Trine in water signs that day, an exceedingly favorable aspect which is touching off Biden’s Mars, action and Mercury, speech. 

Trumps’ chart for that same date and time is full of oppositions, an aspect of conflict and difficulty.  The Moon which is so strong for Biden, is on Trumps’ Venus, Saturn conjunction, his “critical wound”, a place in the chart where he experiences rejection, while Saturn, responsibility and consequences is opposing his Venus adding to the ongoing experiencing of not getting what he wants. Uranus, indicating an upset in the status quo, is square his Natal Pluto, his sense of personal power. This transit is well known for sweeping away and upending the existing foundations in someone’s life and in Trump’s chart indicates major changes in his residence and with his family and the beginning of a year where his power crumbles.

I’ve been hesitant to declare a winner, but with Mercury leading the way the win goes to Biden!