There are a few major changes in the wind as we enter 2022, including Jupiter entering Pisces then making a conjunction to Neptune in April, the lunar nodes moving into Taurus/Scorpio mid-January and Mars turning retrograde in late October.

For those of you born February 20-March 21, or if you have personal planets and points in Pisces, Jupiter will spend the first five months of 2022 bringing opportunities for growth your way. During May-July 2021 you got a sneak preview of this cycle as Jupiter entered and quickly left Pisces. Think back to 2010 and 1998 as reference points for understanding. Did exciting opportunities come you way? Were you able to study something new, meet new people, travel more, or did your health improve? These are all positive manifestations of Jupiter. Usually Jupiter is fortunate, but watch out for over-extension and promising more than you can deliver since Jupiter can bring a kind of false optimism.

Both Jupiter and Neptune are associated with expansion, and when they meet, or conjunct in Pisces (a water sign) during the second week of April we are likely to see problems with hurricanes, flooding, and excessive rains. On the other hand these two planets are spiritual in nature and help us feel inspired and connected to each other. April may be a wonderful time for you on your spiritual journey, and bring something renewing your way.

The Lunar nodes change signs every 18 months, and by January 19, we will begin the Taurus/Scorpio cycle. This influences how we understand the meaning of security, our own personal worth, along with how we forgive and share. Think back to 2003-2004 for a reference point to how your life might have changed last cycle. Collectively this sheds light on even more issues of misuse and abuses of power.

For the last few days of October 2022 Mars will retrograde through Gemini, lasting until January 12, 2023. This suggests a good time for slowing down and re-evaluating and reworking your plans before taking action. Because the retrograde will be in Gemini, a major communication sign, watch out for technological glitches and interpersonal misunderstandings.