Tomorrow, on November 19, 2021 from 3:02am to 6:03 am we will be able to view the lunar eclipse, happening at 27 degree of Taurus. Then, two weeks later on December 4th there will be a Solar Eclipse at 12 degrees Sagittarius. That will be visible in Australia, New Zealand and Africa. Even if we don’t see either eclipse, they both have a measurable effect on our bodies. During a Solar Eclipse the electromagnetic field around the earth changes. There is a sudden loss of ultraviolet radiation from the Sun which affects the ionosphere containing free ions and electrons. Here on earth every living being is surrounded by an electromagnetic field, or aura, so it’s no wonder that we feel off balance and somewhat disrupted during an eclipse.

Lunar eclipses are associated with extra high tides, and much like a full moon, they strongly effect our brains and hearts which are 73% water.  So be aware that Friday, November 19, 2021 brings a full moon lunar eclipse and the beginning of full-on eclipse season.

The eclipse in Taurus emphasizes security and comfort, but also makes a square to Jupiter, known as the “great benefic”. This can bring optimism and opportunity into your life but also disappointment and too much of a good thing. If you were born between the 17-22 of February, May, August, or November, you are most likely to feel the effects of this eclipse. Remember lunar eclipses create very intense emotions!

Solar eclipses will often function on a collective level while lunar eclipses are more personal. All eclipses shine light onto the shadow, and expose what’s been hidden. This Solar Eclipse is conjunct Vesta, an asteroid associated with work and the workplace and also represents devotion to something greater than the self.
The Sun and Moon make a wide square to Neptune, a planet associated with illusion and pretense. Around December 4th and again the first week of January 2022, expect big news about the “big lie”. This eclipse makes a conjunction to the Ascendant in one of the many charts for the USA. There may be a breakthrough in the investigation into January 6th 2020.

For people born between 2-7 of March, June, September and December or with planets close to 12 degrees Sagittarius, this eclipse will bring upheavals, and possibly new beginnings.