“Moon has given me the most insightful readings through thick and thin.  The value of her insights cannot be measured.”


“I visit Moonrabbit annually for a reading around my birthday. Her readings have been amazingly accurate. They help me get through difficult times in my life and I have had many. My husband has Alzheimer’s which is a day to day challenge. My oldest child is transgender. I’ve had to let go of who he was to open up to who she is now. Periodically I listen to the recording of my annual reading on my commute to work. Listening helps me understand the challenges I am going through, particularly when I factor in the astrological influences. The reading also helps me to get a broader perspective of my life allowing me to embrace the totality of my experiences as I navigate through my life’s journey. I feel more accepting of who I am and my path through life. Moonrabbit has helped me greatly by providing this navigational tool!”


“Moon is one of the Twin Cities’s most seasoned and reliable astrologers. Don’t go an incarnation without a reading from her.”

~Oliver Adam

“Recently I found myself facing some new challenges in my business and needing to make some big decisions within a short amount of time. Having received a birth chart reading from Moon a few years ago, I knew that she would be able to offer unique awareness and expertise to my current situation. Moon’s approach is down-to-earth, kind, pragmatic and direct. Her many years of experience working and teaching in this field have developed her capacity to demystify astrology and communicate its practical relevance to the average person. She’s passionate about sharing astrology with others and it shows.”


“Over the years I have booked a reading with Moon Rabbit annually around my birthday to check in and see where I’ve been and where I’m going. I have received very helpful and insightful information and her delivery is calm, kind, and compassionate. She leaves enough time to answer any questions I may have about family, career and whatever else is on my mind. I leave feeling great. I highly recommend Moon Rabbit!”

~Robin L.

“She’s amazing!! I’ve had readings done by Moonrabbit for over 10 years now. 110% spot on! I love the fact that she records them too because it’s so helpful when you want to go back and review. All the information you hear at once can be a lot to process and this is where the recording comes in handy. My husband wasn’t a believer in astrology and didn’t believe this is legit. However, when I mentioned questions of him in my readings and they ended up coming true, he turned into a believer. In fact, my husband got his first reading done a year ago now. I recommend her services if you’re looking for guidance and help in the right direction in life. It’s sooo worth it. Thank you so much Moonrabbit!”

~Malesha I.

“Moon was down to earth and put me at ease. I found the information to be very useful and accurate, and she helped me to make some decisions that helped me move my life in a good direction! I would highly recommend going to Moon rabbit!”


“I made an appointment with Moon Rabbit when I was going through a crazy period in my life. She definitely helped bring some clarity to my situation and I was able to see the big picture. I went to see her again after my life events had stabilized just to check in! I had even started studying astrology on my own by the time I made my next appointment with her. During that reading, I found out she offered classes! I immediately signed up for the beginner class and have been taking Moon’s classes ever since. Whether you are looking for help through a tough time or wanting to check in with the Universe during a stable period, Moon is the woman to talk to.

If you happen to be interested in learning about astrology, you absolutely can’t go wrong by signing up for her classes! You may just become addicted like I did!”


“Moon Rabbit’s gift of seeing has been enormously helpful to me in pursuing my career as a novelist & screenwriter; she blends the science of astrology with the gift of seeing to give her clients a sometimes disconcertingly accurate vision of what the stars have to say.

Trust her—she’ll do right by you.”