The next few months promise to expand and exaggerate many things, as the two most expansive planets, Jupiter and Neptune move close together in Pisces, finally making a conjunction on April 8, 2022 and traveling together for just over a month.

Beginning with the Pisces New Moon of March 2nd, we may experience a wonderfully idealistic, optimistic and creative period of time culminating with the Jupiter/Neptune conjunction during the first two weeks of April. Even though these two planets make contact every 13 years, this is the first time since 1856 that they’ve traveled together in Pisces. Back in 1856 Nikola Tesla, Sigmund Freud, and Woodrow Wilson were born, giving rise to new ways of thinking and launching new ideas that still influence us today.

Jupiter will expand whatever it contacts, and Neptune represents our illusions, our search for the divine, and everything related to water, oceans, and gasses. On a public level we could have a wet, watery spring, see some relief from drought in some parts of the country with extreme floods and other water-related events along with gas leaks in other places. On a more individual
level this could bring a wonderful opening and connectedness to the best parts of our spiritual selves; a true “attunement”. Pisces is known for compassion, empathy and awareness of the interconnectedness of all living things. We may experience a period of freedom from COVID, along with the lifting of restrictions, and a return to a more social and emotionally fulfilled way of life complete with gatherings, concerts, films, and worship. Pisces also connects to the arts, particularly music, films and fashion. We may see new and exciting films released and hear songs with uplifting messages. Unfortunately, Jupiter will also expand people’s illusions and extremism and misinformation will most likely abound. The influence of these two planets will continue through the month of April until May 11, 2022 when Jupiter will move into Aries, ending the most intense part of the cycle.

For those of you with planets in the last eight degrees of Pisces, this spring may bring opportunities to grow and expand emotionally and spiritually, and promises to lift your dreams and aspirations. For those of you born between March 5-20, this would be an excellent time to consult an astrologer to make best use of this cycle.