meet moon

Meet Moon

Are you stuck?
Do you need help understanding the patterns in your life?
Is life changing too fast? 
Do you see cycles repeating but feel powerless to make change? 
An appointment with an experienced astrologer can help.

I’m an artist and writer, a long-time lesbian feminist, a wife and mother of two children, a cat lover, a lover of Food Network, cooking and eating good food, a brewer of Kombucha, a lover of travel, a spiritual seeker and practicing Jew, a motherless daughter and Twinless twin. I bring a relational, empathetic, practical and perceptive ability to each astrology session. Building on four decades of experience with clients I am a “master astrologer” and embody the “wise old crone”.

I began practicing astrology 1975 and then got formal training with Zipporah Dobyns through her Los Angeles school CCRS in 1979.  Since then I’ve worked with clients’ full time, taught astrology to beginners and seasoned students alike, participated on the board of ProSig, OPA, and STARS. and been to many national and international conferences. I have currently been certified through OPA and work with them as a Peer Group Trainer and Consulting Skills Trainer.

“I’ve been seeing Moon for 30 years. She has advised me through two relationships, and in both cases, both me & my partners felt our sessions with her were more helpful than any couples counselor we had seen previously. She advised me and co-director of a non-profit on directions to go, and she has advised me in running my corporation, hiring decisions, etc.

Her readings are always right on, and are immensely helpful for understanding myself, my relationships, and making decisions.  I highly recommend her! “


“I have been seeing Moonrabbit for readings/forecasts for over 15 years. I usually take time to transcribe the audio recordings of her forecasts so I can look back at them and see what has transpired. I continue to be in awe of how accurate her forecasts have been over the years! She has provided incredibly useful information covering everything from family and love life, to house/home/relocation, to work/passion and retirement issues. Moonrabbit was highly recommended to me many years ago and I take great pleasure in highly recommending her to others interested in the art and science of astrology!”

~Joan S.