Welcome to Sagittarius season, a mutable or adaptable fire sign, with a positive outlook and resilient nature. On November 23, the Sun and Moon meet at 1 degree Sagittarius, creating a New Moon. Both are close to Venus and Mercury, ushering in a new energy of optimism and desire to act, combined with creative new ideas. Both luminaries widely trine Jupiter, the ruler of Sagittarius adding to the flow of positive energy, and suggesting easy outcomes. On November 22nd Jupiter will resume direct motion after being retrograde since late July. If you are looking to set a project, an aspiration, or a new study in motion, this is a good time to act.

Sagittarius is an energy of expansion, so be watchful for burnout, or unbridled optimism.

Mercury, the planet of communication, and Venus, creative inspiration and love, continue to travel together through the first week of December. This is a lovely blend of energies supporting us to connect with others, share our ideas and philosophies (Sagittarius), and work co-operatively toward our ideals and goals. This energy is conducive to taking a class, finding something new to study, or enjoying time with friends.

During the second week of December both Mercury and Venus move into Capricorn, bringing a more grounded and pragmatic mindset, along with a desire for concrete results. During the middle two weeks of December these two Capricorn planets will make a supportive trine to Uranus in Taurus, continuing an ease of expression and creating a general feeling of goodwill.

On December 21, Jupiter will enter Aries, just like it did on May 11, 2022 and previously during the last week of January 2011. This is a particularly auspicious period of time for people born between March 21- April 21, or who have planets in Aries. Think about what you might have started back in May that has fallen by the wayside, and renew your action. Make good use of this energy to take initiative, to make improvements or expansions in areas of your life that need change. Because Jupiter already spent six months of 2022 in Aries it will move rapidly into Taurus by the middle of May 2023.

On another note: to all of you I send my thanks and appreciation for your support! I am blessed to do work I love, and it’s your ongoing engagement that makes that possible.

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