Once Upon a Blue Moon

I don’t know about you but I’ve been feeling like something is coming and I don’t quite know what it is!
In our Gregorian calendar it’s unusual to have two full moons fall in one month, but October 2020 is such a month. On October 1st we had a Full Moon in Aries, and on Saturday, October 31, Halloween, we have our second, a full moon in Taurus. This is first full moon on Halloween in 76 years, and last time the Moon was NOT conjunct Uranus because that cycle takes 84 years to repeat.

The Full Moon is a symbol of illumination and fruition. Where ever it falls in your birth chart something will be brought into bright focus. Generally full moons are associated with high tides, heightened emotions, increased accidents and ER activity, more than average births, and interrupted sleep. This upcoming cycle falls in Taurus and Scorpio, emphasizing issues about holding on vs. letting go, security vs. change and physical manifestation vs. spiritual expression. Under a normal Taurus full moon you would feel motivated to indulge your senses, possibly make expensive purchases, or work on creating future security. This full moon is different because of Uranus, the “change agent” and “great awakener” aligning with the moon. You may find yourself breaking out of old patterns and embracing the new. What ever you might be planning for this weekend it’s best to prepare of a change of plans, some disruptive and some enlightening. Uranus is known for abrupt turns, in this case, in your emotions, but also in your activities.

We are also coming into a time where the veil between the worlds is very thin. Halloween is celebrated in many cultures as all Saints Day and all Souls Day: a time to visit and honor the dead.

Over the first week of November Mercury, the planet of communication will turn direct, and aspects of our lives that have been delayed will move forward again.

If you’re curious how this might play out for you, feel free to schedule an appointment.
Here’s wishing you a fruitful Blue Moon!