In the early morning hours of August 27 we will experience a New Moon in the sign of Virgo. Virgo is a sign of harvest, service, and striving for perfection. In modern astrology Virgo has been associated with “the virgin”, but an older and more inclusive symbol is the corn goddess. This month long period when the Sun is in Virgo from August 23 through September 23 is associated with bringing things to fruition as we move from the leisure and recreational joy of summer into the back to school pragmatism of fall. The Virgo New Moon initiates this period. Virgo loves nothing better than a good plan, complete with lists and details, including new routines to support health and wellness.

The chart for this new moon is a tense one, with Saturn still square Uranus and the moon’s nodes, which also make a grand square with Venus and Ceres. The Saturn square to Uranus, which has been in play since early 2021, symbolizes the traditional, patriarchal, old-guard aspects of society (Saturn) squaring off with the more radical, unconventional, forward looking elements (Uranus). The chasms in our society seem to widen as these two planets continue the square aspect. Unfortunately, this aspect is in full force during the November elections, and suggests a continuation in the political divide. In early 2023 Saturn will begin to leave Aquarius and it’s possible we will see a shift then.

The larger square with Venus correlates with continuing unpredictability in the economy, and because Ceres is associated with grain, I image food prices and food supply problems could increase during this next month. For individuals, if you have planets in the middle degrees of fixed signs, (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius) may continue to feel pressure about either finances and/or relationships. Because the north node of the Moon, a point of personal evolution, conjuncts Uranus, a radical change agent, this month could start a change in your deeply ingrained habit patterns about money, security and love. Uranus suggests we try new thinking and act outside our comfort zone. Taking risks, even small ones, can help bring positive change.