On February 11th there will be a new moon or new beginning, in Aquarius with five additional planets close by, also in Aquarius, showing that we’re finally leaving the oppressive heaviness of Capricorn and the Saturn/Pluto conjunction of the last two years behind us. This new moon embodies the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction in Aquarius that promises a new social order. So what can we expect from this new energy?

Aquarius is symbolized by the water-bearer: the image of a person holding a jug that pours forth the waters of wisdom from a never-ending source. Aquarius is an air sign associated with ideas and information, while water is symbolically associated with emotion, connection, and spirit. In this image they are working together bringing a second dimension to the zodiac sign. Aquarius’ key word is “I know” showing that science and facts are a starting point, but with the addition of water, that emotional intelligence is included. Aquarius has long been associated with celebrating radical social progress and allowing individuals to celebrate their uniqueness.

This idea is emphasized again and again in this coming new moon chart, setting the tone for most of the month of February. Conjunct, or traveling with the new moon is the asteroid Pallas Athena, the warrior goddess, who in ancient mythology fought for equality and freedom from oppression. Next to Pallas is Mercury, the winged messenger, emphasizing communication about the need for equality and inclusion. Very close to Mercury is a Venus/Jupiter conjunction. For this moment in time the two most “auspicious” planets are together bringing a celebratory note to the occasion. Venus symbolizes what we most enjoy and Jupiter adds a dash of expansion. Could it be we’re seeing dwindling numbers of people dying from the Corona virus, or a clear step toward repairing our broken government? I hope so. Bringing up the rear is Saturn, the principle of structure and organization, symbolizing government. For most of 2021 Jupiter and Saturn will be widely conjunct (a repeating aspect every 20 years or so) suggesting that our optimism, Jupiter will be tempered by realism, Saturn, and some gains will be limited.

The main point of difficulty in this new moon chart is Mars in Taurus square, or in conflict with five of the six Aquarius planets. Mars gets things moving, but Taurus does not like to be rushed. Sometimes Mars in Taurus will instigate conflict because of wanting to keep things the same. All the Aquarius in the chart suggests taking the long view and starting somewhere.

Overall, this chart promises change, a lightening or lifting of energy, and a more progressive path forward.